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A cabinet plate
1) to see the wardrobe of the board is the use of density board or particle board.
The method of judging is from the view of the section of the plank, the fine fiber in the high density board is closely combined together, the density is big, and the weight is heavy. High density board can withstand greater pressure, long service life and small particles; particleboard structure closely enough, you can even see the small pores, placed in the hands of the lighter, the weight is small, short service life.
2) to see whether the substrate material to achieve environmental protection.
As long as the free plate of formaldehyde content is less than 9mg/100g the European E1 standard, to the health of human body without harm. The most direct way is to open the door, opened the drawer, if there is a strong pungent odor, and even make people cry, show that the formaldehyde content exceed the standard; two is to look at the material inspection certificate business, to see whether it is holding the inspection certificate of quality state imitation board testing center of the relevant.
3) to see whether the plank is real.
Currently on the market some small manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, usually cry up wine and sell vinegar, deceive consumers. Standard cabinet body plate thickness is 18 mm, and small manufacturers generally use the means of particleboard when high density board to take publicity, the plate thickness of 16 mm to 18 mm plate called the consumer, and the back plate thickness is 5 mm, 10 mm thickness of the door.
4) edge is smooth and delicate, strong adhesion (and careful splitting process).
The edge is reflected an important standard of production technology of fine wardrobe. Artisanal wardrobe production out of the wardrobe reach quite fine degree in the process of edge edge, see one of the most important standards but also to identify the wardrobe.
5) smell, water test (rise too quickly and not up to disable).
The smell of bad plate containing the relative concentration of the chemical flavor, such as formaldehyde and other harmful gases, or can smell it.
6) laminates are like a table, look zeban Conedera materials.
Of course, be careful not inside the jutizhaiban and solid board, plywood (four edge) inside the material. Check whether there is edge position and double plate brand identity, general formal, professional custom wardrobe brands have their own brand logo.
Two, wardrobe door
1) the border of the material
Currently on the market all the wardrobe frame materials are the main Aluminum Alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium titanium alloy and high quality steel four categories, general magnesium titanium alloy, aluminum alloy with high strength, durable, solid quality can ensure that the door is 2.8 meters high deformation, smooth slide. While the carbon steel frame quality is thin, the appearance by the spray paint processing, a long time will take off paint or oxidation rust.
2) to see whether a uniform color door and frame
Brand wardrobe door frame, door from the same manufacturer, color texture can be completely consistent, complete reunification. But they often can only find wardrobe color similar to put all sorts of things together, plate, frame, can not be completely consistent.
Three, hardware accessories
1) pulley
The pulley is the key components of the whole wardrobe sliding door sliding door. To see whether the wheel slip, pressure resistance, wear resistance along the pulley, safe and reliable wardrobe on the wheel, the wheel. The upper wheel is a door wheel, the function is to make the door in parallel to promote the smooth sliding. The next round and round the hidden, pure nylon bearing, rolling wheels up through the semicircle progressive center of gravity, so the push and pull by horizontal line. Bearing weight up to 200 kg, high wear resistance, push and pull life of up to more than 300 thousand times. Some brands with a set of the next round, make both to bear the weight and play the guiding role, the pressure is too large, the use of two or three months after the easy deformation, the service life is not high.
2) guide rail
In general, the sliding rail can be divided into two kinds of convex and concave rail rail. In practical use, we found that the performance of the bump is significantly higher than that of the concave rail. The concave rail is easy to accumulate dust, not easy to clean, if there is a foreign body into the case also prone to jump. And the convex rail is a good way to avoid these situations, so that the design of the convex orbit than the concave.
Four, other accessories
Whole wardrobe accessories quality can reflect the quality of the product, the whole wardrobe door accessories manufacturers formal workmanship and materials are obviously better than the small things, such as bar, locator, sealing strip, from the appearance of the work will be able to separate the pros and cons, more intuitive.
Whether to provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions, whether to have a professional factory.
In order to ensure the production, brand wardrobe mostly has a professional factory, modern equipment, assembly line production, on-site installation, completely avoid the kind of handmade decoration company site to consumers the inconvenience. Moreover, the product of the size of the data accurate, rigorous structure, give a person a kind of overall aesthetic. The key hardware accessories are branded anti-counterfeit labels on their own, and to weigh the weight (such as drawer guide etc.).
The good or bad hardware accessories determines the life of the wardrobe.
Five, see furniture matching, systematic.
Professional custom wardrobe enterprises, not only can make the wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, also provide shoe, bar, bed, dresser, nightstand and other ancillary products Home Furnishing system. The overall coordination of design, from the consumer, the trouble put all sorts of things together run to and fro. And the unity of the panel, color coordination, style matching, high overall furniture.
In short, look at the manufacturers of anti - counterfeiting signs and services. Professional manufacturers in the wardrobe door edge, profiles, pulleys, and even sheet of veneer, manufacturers have obvious anti-counterfeit labels, quality

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