The design principle of the cloakroom

 Generally speaking, the reasonable arrangement of the clothing storage and spacious locker space, is the overall design principles of cloakroom. Cloakroom by taking a full set of furniture configuration, can also make the overall design in the decoration and real. In order to save space, the door is designed to push and pull, which generally do not have the closet door, or use a transparent glass door, so convenient in the selection of clothes at a glance.

Cloakroom in general, cloakroom area should be more than 4 square meters. Party can be guaranteed to the owner of ample space activities. Cloakroom interior also need to partition according to the category of clothing, usually hanging, stacked, underwear, footwear and bedding area.
Note that for independent cloakroom, design, make reasonable arrangements for lighting, color and other elements to make it into the overall indoor style, and maintain their own unique style. At present, many people in the cloakroom by using the room rate transformation of low and professional advice, this requires the designer. Professional advice, the best in the home before, the locker room as a specific space, then carries on the design according to the overall lighting, colors and materials collocation etc..
The cloakroom is put furniture in addition to some basic cabinet, can also introduce some hangers, tie rack and turn under the hanging rod, built-in tilt type shoe rack and other new hardware, the rotary clothes hanger is more popular in recent years in China, which not only saves space, but also save a large amount of hanging, is a traditional wardrobe 2 to 3 times.

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