Cloakroom decoration elements

Free clothing placed in disorder
Because in the locker room into the closet with open form, all the clothes are exposed, it is easy to out of order, a mess. Therefore, Tang boards are reasonable, can be split before the Tang plate, a full analysis on the size of objects, including length, body weight, etc., which are commonly used, which is an alternate, who are placed above, who are placed below, placed her convenience, and so on and so on. Then, according to the analysis, build racks segmentation map.
Pay attention to the use of sophisticated hardware
The cloakroom is an important link in ensuring the quality, if only a cheap map, then it will give maintenance trouble. In the locker room to design a pier or telescopic rod, in the replacement of clothes can be hung up, it is the performance of human design.
Install the cabinet to keep a good size
The size of the cabinet and the surrounding wall is best to set aside at least 5 cm margin, easy field installation, the so-called seamless is actually a misunderstanding.

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